Welcome to Telecode

The world's most advanced real-time collaborative programming experience

To begin, pick a name for your collaboration room


  • Run the "telecode daemon" on your local machine, so all your collaborators can sync changes in real-time, all using their favorite editors!
  • Runs on Mac and Linux
  • Open up the "telecode browser client" to receive push notifications when a collaborator makes a change.
  • Browser client has syntax highlighting and autocompletion via Visual Studio's "Monaco"


Install the telecode daemon on your local box. Node.js 8 or higher is required.

npm install -g telecode

Navigate to the folder on your system that you wish to collaborate on. Launch the telecode daemon.

telecode --url= --room=

You may then open any of the files in that directory inside this browser editor by typing the filename into the box below Have your collaborators run their own daemons in empty directories.
mkdir -p /tmp/ telecode --url= --room=
Files will be synced across computers (and here into your browser) on every save! Happy collaborating!
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